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My Little Chef

Aprons On! Hands Washed! We Are Ready to Cook!

My Little Baller presents My Little Chef! At My Little Chef class, students will join Chef Stephanie and learn how to make sweet & delicious snacks, completely from scratch! Cooking teaches kids confidence and valuable skills that they can carry with them through life. Children practice basic math when they measure ingredients, reading comprehension as they follow a recipe, team building as they work in groups, and they also build a strong foundation for healthy eating.  All of these skills are mixed in with delicious food and fun.

​Things to expect on our culinary journey...

  • My Little Chef is a Nut Free Program

  • Each recipe should take 40-45 minutes, depending on the recipe.

  •  In our first class, students will briefly review our safety rules.

  •  We provide all ingredients and supplies, including aprons and chef hats! 

  • ​This class can be done with or without kitchen access.


Have questions? Email us at or call us at 201-241-5175

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