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Want to introduce your child to Sports,

Music, & Problem Solving?

Our program, “My Little Baller” is an amazing enrichment that introduces young players to all different sports and activities. In our curriculum, we touch upon many popular sports such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Soccer, and music just to name a few. You can expect your little superstars to develop new motor skills, increase their coordination and balance all while learning positivity through using their imagination. We even introduce problem-solving, we incorporate numbers, colors, and other learning outcomes like math and engineering through secondary learning techniques to keep the kids engaged.

Meet your coaches!

We work exclusively with our staff to make sure all of our activities are 100% Fun & Engaging for the players. We created the program “My Little Baller” because every child deserves the opportunity to be introduced to team sports. As a coach/teacher, it is our role to inspire young athletes to be the best they can be, all while having the best time possible. That is why our programs focuses on child development and FUN!

What does my child get out of the experience?

A positive introduction to sports through the most engaging activities. A curriculum designed to inspire kids who will want to continue furthering their passion after graduation. 

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