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What is My Little Baller Multi-Sport?

  • Sports Classes for Children Ages 2-6

  • 30 Minute Classes

  • Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Football just to name a few 

  • Safe & Secure Learning Environment 

  • Weekly Classes

  • Children Will Learn Balance & Coordination

  • Key Focus on Sensory & Motor Skill Development

  • Imagination Building

Learning sports has never been more fun! My Little Baller classes focus on fine and gross motor skills as well as body control. We teach all types of sports and their basics, such as throwing, catching, kicking, as well as fun games that incorporate lots of running and play. We are excited to help your little athletes develop a love of sports.

Sports are the perfect tool for developing young bodies for any athletic endeavor. The first stages of athletic advancement entail creating body awareness, strength and fitness. Upon this core, advanced skills and muscle coordination can be developed for any sport.

Sports are not only popular but also healthy.  Sport is not only a lifestyle but it's a part of childhood identity with sports that people can play their entire lives. Many adults play soccer as a fun, social way to get regular exercise – having us teaching your little one could be a gift that lasts a lifetime. 

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